Pop Up Shop with Southern Protocol’s Favorite Candy Shop Vintage

They’ve taken on New York’s coveted Bendel’s and Bloomingdales, but now the exquisite jewelry of Candy Shop Vintage is ready to take on the best of bridal boutiques, Southern Protocol! The SoPro ladies are definitely popping the champagne yet again, as we are more than pleased to to raise our dainty flutes of bubbly to our newest designer collaboration with Charleston’s beloved, Candy Shop Vintage. Come join us for our Candy Shop Vintage Pop Up Shop this Thursday, February 26, from 4-7pm, as we welcome the jewelry genius, Deirdre Zahl’s, timeless treasures.


Let’s be honest, this is an event that shouldn’t be missed! Candy Shop Vintage has been nothing but the talk of the town with their decades of designs that bring back beloved bling in all its glory.


There is no women who doesn’t adore their flashback finds from the vintage collection, vintage inspired statement pieces from the Candy Shop Collection, and, of course, the Candy Shop MVP of jewelry collections, the Charleston Rice Beads. We can’t stop feeling that local lovin’ every time we glance at one of their style statements.


The SoPro girls are beaming with accessory anticipation, as we ready ourselves to go total glam with Candy Shops classic jewels. Just think of the pairing possibilities! You could adorn one of our exclusive Lula Kate cocktail dresses with the vintage vibes of a Candy Shop Breastplate Necklace for an exquisite evening out look.


Or layer on the love for your wedding day, by spicing up your gorgeous gown with gold Charleston Rice bead necklaces.


Candy Shop Vintage is an absolute gem, and Southern Protocol could not be more excited to bring all their beads, broaches, and bracelets into our house of wedding whimsy, southern sass, and glittery glamour. So come join in this dazzling of all debuts, this Thursday at our Candy Shop Pop Up Shop.


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Warrant Released for the Chilling Criminal, Queen Elsa of Arendelle!

As we freeze at Southern Protocol’s winter wedding wonderland, we cannot be more pleased to know that finally someone is on the hunt for the source of this frozen tundra that we are currently living in. As of yesterday, Harlan City Police Department has issued a much needed arrest warrant for the chilling criminal that has left us all frozen, Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Thank you Kentucky law enforcement!

frozenelsa21n-4-web (1)

But until this cold crook is captured and surrenders our beloved warm weather back to us, the SoPro girls will continue jamming out to the old school sounds of Britney, NSYNC, and Christina in the hopes that they’ll get our blood pumping and give us the warmth we’ve been longing for.


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Lea-Ann Belter Gowns Bring Effortless Bridal Beauty to Southern Protocol

When you think of the bridal brands that embody the charm, grace, and discerning taste dwelling within the glittered and gold boutique of Southern Protocol, Lea-Ann Belter comes to mind. The ingenious designs of the Canadian based designer radiate the simplistic subtlety, effortless beauty, and poised elegance that a bride desires.


Every gown is crafted for custom, as Lea-Ann Belter devotes her time to designing a dress that promises to fit each bride like a glove. The perfect fit and ethereal beauty of the designs makes a bride look and feel as if she was destined to walk down the aisle in a Lea-Ann Belter dress.

Adelaide_1813_Front (1)

From the simplistic seduction of the Madeleine to the Hollywood glamour of the Adelaide, Lea-Ann Belters delicate detailing is the source of the dresses enchantment. Some are perfectly pearled or lovingly laced, while others are softly serenading silks. Each design gives a new take on sophisticated bridal.


In regards to making a wedding event complete, Southern Protocol knows that wrapping a bride in the sophisticated style and white wedding whimsy of a Lea-Ann Belter gown is a must.


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Fall in Love with Carol Hannah at Southern Protocol Boutique

Another successful bridal appointment today at Southern Protocol Boutique! Our bride fell in love with the stunning Carol Hannah “Downton” gown.  With intricate details from beading to tulle to a small pop of color, this gown is sure to impress her guests and groom.


To shop this look and more from the Carol Hannah Flagship Collection, come visit us at Southern Protocol Boutique!


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Mardi Gras in 48 Hours? The Southern Protocol Way!

Mardi Gras in 48 Hours? The Southern Protocol Way!

My Great-Grandmothers were born in New Orleans and Louisville. I have a certain love affair with two huge Southern Traditions, Mardi Gras, and the Derby. Everyone knows that I throw a crazy Derby party, but this year I got to delve into the Mardi Gras roots and had 48 hours of elegance and a little debauchery that went into a quick but amazing trip.

My childhood best friend lives in Mobile and wanted me to experience Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. Since 1703, fifteen years before New Orleans, Mobile is the “original” Mardi Gras~ so I was off for quite the experience!

For this trip, I had the amazing Katherine McDonald design a custom gown for the ball I was attending, and they sent my best friend Molly an entire BOX of dresses because that girl had more functions to attend than I can even handle- and I love a busy schedule! So we represented one of our favorite Southern Designers well, and accessorized with one of our other favorite Southern Designers Taxidermy for my clutch! So in the following four picture collages- you can see a day party, heading to a parade, later into that night (maybe we’d had some cocktails)…and then the fabulous ball and that glamorous dress that Katherine designed for myself and the one for Molly. I’m not going to lie~ my dress was divine I felt like “Betty Draper“! Thanks to everyone at the Kate McDonald Team!



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Flower Filled Wedding!

Southern Protocol has done it again. Charleston Weddings Spring 2015 issue featured yet another whimsical wedding planned to perfection by one of our own, Sara Hosch.


Amidst the warmth of the sweet sun, southern marsh views, and springtime flowers flushed in pastels, the wedding of Jennifer and Tyler Jost lined the beautiful banks of the Creek Club at I’On for a night to remember.


Every darling detail was a romantic serenade to the cute couple, from the ombre invites in hues of blue to the adorable montage of the twos special moments hung with a clothespin.

1 Jennifer-Tyler-848wr_0

62 Jennifer-Tyler-232wr_0

The treats and drinks were a tasty blend of both bride and groom. His-and-her drinks showed off their Georgia and Oregon roots and candied catering of pralines and pecans brought the souths sweets to charm the crowd.

52 Jennifer-Tyler-762wr_0

61 Jennifer-Tyler-479wr_0

As an ode to the couples adorable bulldog terrier the cake was topped with two salt and pepper shakers reminiscent of the dog.


The nights nuptials was nothing but floral splendor and wedding day whimsy as it ended under the southern stars with sweet kisses, sparklers, and smiles for the happy couples most memorable of days .



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Happy Galentine’s Day from Southern Protocol!

We’re feeling the love as we finish up the week and get ready for Valentine’s Day this weekend.  To celebrate the day of love, we shop and hang with our ladies!  Leave your hunny at home, bring out the bubbly, and toast to Galentine’s Day! Don’t forget to stop by Southern Protocol Boutique to buy yourself a little something fabulous!

We’re gushing over this perfect Taxidermy bag made custom for our very own Lizz Akerman.



Get yours at the Taxidermy Trunk Show during Charleston Fashion Week on March 18th from 10am-5:30pm at Southern Protocol Boutique.



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Candyshop Vintage Pop up at Southern Protocol Boutique



You’re wishes have come true! Southern Protocol is proud to announce we are the exclusive bridal shop carrying Candy Shop Vintage Jewelry!  Join us February 26th from 4 to 7 pm for our pop-up shop with Candy Shop Vintage.


From gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bangles to Charleston Rice Beads, we know you’ll find something you love!







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Charleston Scout Guide featuring Southern Protocol


Presenting the 100th volume of the Charleston Scout Guide!  Every year, The Scout Guide finds the best of local businesses to highlight their originality, creativity, and passion. Southern Protocol is thrilled and honored to have been asked to be in this years Charleston Scout Guide among the best and most elite of Charleston entrepreneurs.


Not only are we a fan of promoting our fabulous boutique, we love promoting our friends in the area too!  We are in great company with Croghan’s Jewel Box, Eclectic, and Courtney Agosti Interior Design & Antiques just to name a few! We’ve been scouted and couldn’t be happier!

Croghan’s Jewel Box


Sidney Wagner and Molly Rumph with Eclectic

Courtney Agosti Interior Design & Antiques



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Southern Protocol’s Fling with Bling


Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

SoPro loves jewelry,

And you do too.

Yes, it is true, “At last my love has come along.” “Who?” you might ask, has Southern Protocol wrapped up in their luxurious love? Well, with Valentine’s Day lingering on the horizon, it seems we have been struck by Cupid’s arrow and we cannot complain. For it is jewelry that is the object of our unwavering affection, Peyton William jewelry to be exact.


Come next Thursday, February 5th, you too will be falling head over heels with our local love affair at our upcoming pop up shop with Peyton William. Our boutique will be featuring the exquisitely handmade jewelry designs of one of our favorites, Gabrielle Egan. Each one-of-a-kind piece has the allure of boho glamour that exudes from the natural nuances of the necklaces, the bling of the rings, and the rustic metals of the bracelets.



This joyous of all jewelry occasions could not come at any better of a time. For let’s face it ladies, nothing says, “I love you,” on Valentines Day quite like a new necklace dangling from your neck or a ring to slip on your dainty finger. So whip up a wish list with your favorite fancy finds and slip your man a hint to get some V Day gift inspiration from none other than the sassy southern surcee shop.


Life is too short to wear boring jewelry, so don’t miss your chance to join Southern Protocol‘s fling with bling!


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Nicole Miller Bridal Trunk Show

If one were to sum the Nicole Miller Bridal Fall 2015 Collection, it would have to be elegance at its finest. Each dress showcases the exquisite designs that are true to the fashion empires aesthetic, as it channels the timeless beauty that every girl hopes to don on her dream day.

As the home of Nicole Miller bridal down in the charming city of Charleston, Southern Protocol surely has something to brag about now that the boutiques bounty of bridal beauty has the 2015 collection as a new addition. Come this Thursday, January 22 through Sunday, January 25 we will be the bearers of bridal bliss as we bring you an exclusive glance at a stylish selection of these graceful gowns. Each Nicole Miller gown brings something different.

With the Alexis gowns lingering lace and deep dipped back, a bride can slip into a lux look that brings an ethereal of delicate femininity.

fj10005_front (1) fj10005_back

With the Lily gowns bodice beaded with dazzling details of rhinestones, a bride can be dressed in rich drama.


With the Janey gown lovingly laced with simplistic style, a bride can wear a timeless classic that’s a total dream of a dress.


Now that the Nicole Miller Bridal Fall 2015 Collection is gracing the golden hangers of our bridal boutique this January 22 through January 25 for our trunk show, we can predict that any and all brides will be dashing to our doors for an exclusive peak. So make Southern Protocol your dress destination and set up an appointment to get your chance to don one of Nicole Millers new nuptial numbers at your whimsy of a wedding.


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Southern Protocol on Golden Globes Glamour

The Golden Globes has graced us with its presence once more, which can only mean one thing; film and televisions famed stars glammed up for the gold and stole the show with some style. As the accolades waited to be awarded, the red carpet was rolled out, and the stars started to saunter their style, we all fixated on the fashion and found our famed favorites and flaws.

The SoPro gals, and every other stylish someone, reined in the raves of the nights red carpet reveals, and rants of oohs and awes over the award winning starlets Golden Globe glam.

We were dazzled when Emma Stone dared to be different in a Lanvin jumpsuit that was dripping in rhinestones.


We fell head over heels when Amal Clooney looked classically couture in a Dior gown, with white gloves that upped the elegance.


And we bowed down to red carpet royalty when Sienna Miller stunned in a Miu Miu dress that donned a dropped down décolletage.

Moet & Chandon At The 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Red Carpet

However, amongst all the show stopping style of the night’s glitz and glam, is the gloom that is granted to the famous stars that were fashion flawed rather than fashion flawless. Though we love you so, we digress, that Lana Del Rey’s dress was a far cry from vintage vixen. With its aquatic feel, the teal dress was a mermaid mishap that we can only hope is a dress that is “Born to Die.”


Though some of the night’s nominees fell short of fabulous, others still held onto the sensational style and great glamour that every Golden Globe show promises.


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The Art of the Written Note

With the digital era in full swing in our everyday back and forth banter, we forget between all the texts, e-mails, and Facebook chats that so many of us have lost the art of the written note. Without the scribble of an “I love you” in a love letter or an “I’m just writing to say I’m thinking of you” in the timeless snail mail, we neglect the personal connections garnered when you put pen to paper.


With the modern day communication burgeoning into our world and the written word ceasing to exist day by day, one cannot feel a tinge of sad nostalgia for our dusty stationary sets waiting for one last written word to be scribbled on its blank slate.

The SoPro gals don’t want the extinction of this written art form to become a part of our reality, which is why we are ready to rally for the raw and tangible feelings that a written note, love letter, or thank you card brings. As believers in the power of the scribbled down note, Southern Protocol constantly pushes to bring back the popularity of its endless personal touch.


We cherish our partnership with Charleston’s own stationary shop, Dodeline, where the nostalgic notes are alive and well. Southern Protocol Boutique wants you to join in the revival of the written by stepping into our shop for a paper party this Wednesday, January 14 between 5 and 7:30. We will be bringing you all the dainty designs of Dodeline stationary, or give you a chance to remember the simplicity you still see in the jotted down note, handwritten letter of love, and written words of gratitude.


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Ring in Engagement Season Right With Southern Protocol

Temperatures are dropping, love is in the air, and men are dropping onto one knee. The spirit of the holidays warms us with the sensations of romance and parades in what Southern Protocol believes to truly be the most wonderful time of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, Engagement Season is upon us, so embrace the renaissance of romance as it waltzes its way back into our lives.

Become swept away by the dazzling daze during the days of Thanksgivings cozy cuddles after turkey time, Christmas smooches under the mistletoe, New Years kisses at the strike of midnight, and Valentines endearing embraces with your sweetheart. The reigning in of Engagement Season drops us into a “holidaze,” sparking guys to round up their romance, pop the question, and put a ring on their lovely ladies.


Our search for this seasons stats on the promise of proposal has rang in a forty-three percent population of ladies trading in the title of girlfriend for fiancé, as they gesture in the wonderful whimsy of being engaged.

Indeed, tis the season for proposal premonitions to be flooding across the feelings forecast, resonating the sound of wedding bells in the heads of all the newly engaged. Every wedding planner wants every happy couple that’s beginning their race to the alter this Engagement Season to cherish the moments between saying yes to “Will you marry me?” to saying I do to “Do you take (Insert your mans name here) to be your husband?”


IMG_7700To have the breeze and ease of bridal days, it is essential to dash for the design details and planning perfection that a wedding planner promises. So of course save the date for an appointment with your favorite Southern Protocol ladies and let us begin waving our wedding wands around to create your wonderland. From finding the bride-to-be a dress to dazzle in to decorating the big day, we are ready to blow you into bridal bliss.

We are waiting to whip up a wedding that will present nothing short of southern style, sass, and sophistication. And with that being said, we believe in the bounty of beauty and charm of Charleston to bring in an air of that loving feeling from engagement day to wedding day. Southern Protocol and our beloved city are ready to make your wedding dreams come true.


So we send warm wishes for every gracious girlfriend to be granted the patience for that promising proposal, for every beautiful bride to beam bliss on their big day and for everyone to have an enchanting Engagement Season.

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Whip Up Your Winter Wish List with Southern Protocol


What better place to whip up a winter wish list than at Southern Protocol, Charleston’s one stop shop for all things sassy, southern, and surcee? Enter our winter wedding wonderland and discover our boutique bountiful with bliss for not just the blushing bride, but the glamorous gal on the holiday hunt for her must haves this gifting go around. Once you lock your eyes on our array of glimmering jewels, tasteful tabletop, chic clutches, and sweet smelling custom candles, you’ll have a complete Christmas checklist to send Santa’s way.


IMG_7439 (1)


So start sending your man a sneak peek into the gracious little gifts you just can’t live without this Christmas, by singing a little “Santa baby, just slip a Kate Spade necklace under the tree for me.” Put your trust in Southern Protocol, as we’ll be your family and friend’s glamorous gift guides, lending the perfect present push to ease them through the seasonal shopping.



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