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happy friday!

In honor of it being the weekend and the start of NYFW, I thought I would do a post combining a little bit of fashion and weekend fun.  The Glitter Guide is one of my favorite newsletters to check in with every day and they do a post every Friday titled “5 Things To Try This Weekend”.  You are bound to be the best-looking girl around if you try at least one ;)  You can also follow Glitter Guide on Twitter and they have the best boards on Pinterest, even a whole board dedicated to, yes you know it – Glitter (including the glitter cocktails above)- i love.  Happy Weekend, hope you are doing something gracious, charming, stylish and southern!


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Bridal Bootcamp

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have used the word bootcamp, its kind of scary. But, I can assure you, its not scary and I think its safe to say that pretty much every bride dreams of being in tip-top shape on their wedding day! Thats where our wonderful friend Ryan, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, comes in…

Ryan is an in-home personal trainer (you may have also seen him at the Gold’s Gym on James Island) who is young, energetic and fun! Most importantly, he understands that brides want to look good on their special day, and they want to have fun in the process of getting there. As a result, he is offering packages that include personal training, nutrition guidelines and just about whatever it takes to look good on your wedding day!

How fun would this be to do with your bridesmaids or even with your fiance so that everyone is looking smashing on the big day? ; ) If you are interested all you have to do is e-mail us here at Southern Protocol and we can send you one of Ryan’s packages. We’re so excited we may have to throw on our cute work out clothes (perfect excuse to work out those lululemons) and do it, even if we’re not getting married any time soon…


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Sh*t Girls Say – Or Don’t Say.

First of all, excuse my french, s’il vous plait.

Second of all, have you guys seen these YouTube videos? I assure you we have been working very diligently in the office. However, in between furiously typing on the computer, making phone calls and eating all of Lizz’s FUDGE covered Ritz crackers (ummmm, holy yum) that aren’t helping the future bathing suit bod (TLI?), we find ourselves taking “bathroom” breaks (more like watching-youtube-videos-breaks) from drinking too much tea, coffee and diet coke.

If you haven’t watched them, the links are below, they are a must. The videos started with Graydon Sheppard. He started a twitter, tweeted some funny things girls say and then coerced his boyfriend to make videos with him. Hes the best.

Sh*t Girls Say is a video making fun of the things us girls say all the time like, “I can’t believe I just ate all that”, “SHUT.UP.” and “First of all, ew.”. We didn’t think it could get funnier than that, then Sh*t Girls Don’t Say came along.  We’re pretty sure its even more hilarious. Our faves are, “Can I get a copy of your Nickelback CD?”, “I am SO glad I ate 6 chalupas” and “Does anyone know how to make Papyrus my default font?”.

p.s. we are so turning in our iphones for boost mobiles…

Enjoy : )



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A Cheeky Southern Read!

We were excited to receive an email from talented Southern humor writer Lucy Adams a few weeks back, asking us to help spread the word about her newest snarky vignette-centered book. We were more than happy to help promote a fellow Southern writer! Read below for an inside peek at Lucy’s impressive resume (wahoo, another Georgia grad!) and a brief synopsis of her newest book!

“Mother of four, wife of one, teacher of many, writer of sorts, some days self-critical to the point of paralysis, bossy since birth, Lucy Adams trudges through life wanting a pool in her backyard so badly she can see the chlorine rainbows around the streetlights. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning thinking only of getting back in bed at night.

Her home is well organized. Everything has a place on the floor where she can easily find it, or die tripping over it.

She’s played taps for hundreds of withered houseplants.

Lucy Adams earned a B.S.Ed. in education from the University of Georgia, an M.S. in experimental psychology from Augusta State University, a graduate certificate of gerontology from UGA, and completed all of the classes, but none of the dissertation (ironically), toward a Ph.D in developmental psychology (also at UGA).

Lucy began writing professionally in 2033, when she talked her way into a weekly newspaper column in a local paper. From that, Lucy’s first book, If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny, spun off in 2007. The publication of If Mama resulted in gaining her freelance work for magazines. In January 2011, her second book, Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run, was released. Both books were published by Palm Tree Press.

Ever laughed when you knew you shouldn’t? Battled with Satan over chocolate? Forgotten to wear lipstick to the Garden Club meeting? Tried to define variorium? At times like these, what else can you do but Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run?

In her much awaited second book, Lucy takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through life’s most embarrasing moments and delivers them safely on the other side. In her usual form, Adams gives readers an eye-watering, nose-snorting, giggling gift of a good time.

Join a 40 year-old bridesmaid on her journey to walk down the aisle, delve into a magnolia massacre, attend a hawg killin’ with the communists, do some island living country style, and inflict vicarious revenge on the inventor of the balloon. Adams’s wit will make you turn around and check your own underwear. Best of all we each can relax in the realization that we’re not the only ones running with our skirts tucked into our panties.”

I think we definitely all need a lighthearted, relatable read every now and then – especially during this busy time of year! Definitely check out the Southern treat asap.


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Or Forever Hold Your Peace..

For every bride who has ever thought that their mothers went a teensy bit crazy during their wedding planning process – has your mama ever called in a bomb threat to stop your wedding?

Not even kidding.

According to, a Russian woman’s daughter had recently met and fallen in love with a Moroccan citizen, and intended to fly to her fiance’s home country to be married. That didn’t sit very well with Mama Russia – who both apparently didn’t approve of the groom, nor the idea of her daughter permanently residing in another country – who decided her only option was to call the airlines and claim her daughter had bombs to blow up the plane, and should therefore not be allowed through security. I wish I could come up with something fabulous and witty to say here, but I just can’t get past the image of a real-life babushka doll going cuh-razy!

Naturally the mother was found out, admitted to everything, and briefly detained. After her daughter was cleared through questioning… she flew to Morocco. Presumably to never come home after her mother’s stint! A little advice to all you future mothers of the bride? Try chatting with your spontaneous daughter, first.


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2011 in Sight!

Friends! Loves! All our fashionistas! Yes, we are alive – I am so sorry to have left you for so long. The end of the year has turned into a maelstrom of activity and general busy-ness at Southern Protocol, and sadly our favorite outlet – the blog – suffered.

I was originally going to make this a post about my new obsessions for 2011… little accessories and trinkets and fabulousness that I saw over the holiday week… but then I realized this post was to be a mile marker: our 500th post! Which meant that it was only fitting to make it an entry of resolution: we vow to be here again for all of your hostessing, fashion and/or procrastinating-at-work needs.

We hope that y’all had the most festive of all festive holidays, and have some (realistic) resolutions brewing in your own minds before Saturday rolls around…


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Back to School

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through the summer?? For me, the official “midway” point was always July 4th festivities, and it snuck up on me this year like never before.

What that means for all you chic and happenin’ mamas out there is that you are in the downhill slide to the August start of your kids’ school year! For your lively children it means a return to 8:00 am – 3:00 pm schooldays, indoor voices, and actually staying seated during lunch time… does that make you a tad nervous? Don’t let it!

Southern Protocol is teaming up once again with Charleston Museum to offer a Back to School manners workshop on Saturday, August 7th from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. We’ll cover general manners and etiquette, as always (including behaving in public, introductions, phone manners, etc), but we’ll have a special emphasis on behavior in the school building (including table manners, sportsmanship, public speaking, etc).

As always, the class includes a snack and numerous activities that enforce good manners in a fun and interactive way – they’ll be in polite, school mode in no time ;)

This Petite Protocol class with a twist is only offered for our smaller friends, ages 6-10. Cost is $20 for members, $25 for non-members. Reservations are required; please visit the Charleston Museum website for registration, or contact for more information.


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Gibbes Manners Camp

T-Minus one week until our Petite Protocol camp at The Gibbes Museum of Art!

Next week, June 21-25, is for kids ages 4 to 6; the June 28 – July 2 session the following week will be for all 7-12 year olds. While the camp will cover basic etiquette – introductions, thank you notes, table manners, etc – we will also focus on international manners and how to behave in a museum. The 1.5 hour daily camp (12:00 – 1:30) will include time for lunch, activities, and a lot of interactive learning!

There are still a few spaces open for both weeks, so head on over to the Gibbes website and register today!


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Tech Etiquette

Etiquette isn’t just about table manners and who opens the door for who anymore; the technology and internet revolution has added a whole new set of things to consider when trying to be polite. Most of them you’d think are common sense – taking your earphones out when you run into someone you know, not taking a call on your cell while out at dinner, etc – but navigating the waters can always be a bit murky.

Which is why we were thrilled when a reader brought our attention to an entry about Tech Etiquette on the Real Simple blog! Using advice and protocol from manners experts around the country, the article tackles important ways to be polite in the new electronic era. Very interesting – and we definitely approve! Check it out now so you don’t make any modern blunders ;)


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Just a quick shout out to all you sensational, one-of-a-king mothers out there. It can never be said enough how much you do for your family, and how fabulous you are!

Remember to do something extra sweet for your mama this weekend – whether it’s a heartfelt present, lengthy phone call, brunch outing, or multiple random acts of kindness. Anything to show the number one woman in your life how much you love her!


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Are You a Lady or a Tramp?


Now it’s time to put your etiquette knowledge to the test!

In honor of his new book on manners in the 21st Cenutry, Classy, Derek Blasberg created a quiz for to see how you measure up. Do you follow the extreme decollatege trend seen on the fall runways? Do you blast a frenemy with internet gossip when she wrongs you? Take the quiz and see how you measure up!

The book, which prides itself on being “exceptional advice for the extremely modern lady” covers quite the range of topics, with a voice that is one part Manhattan snob (where Blasberg now resides) and one part Midwestern good boy (the talented writer was born in St. Louis, Missouri). Using quotes from real socialites – both classy and those who have fallen from grace in their Jimmy Choos – he instructs the reader on everything from fashion and socializing to general etiquette and dating.

I’ve heard the book truly is quite hilarious and informative; I’m thinking it should be a must-read for all Southern fashionistas!


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SP Spring Cleaning

Who is twitching with excitement about the weather this weekend? Me! Me! It’s only 10:30 and the sun is shining, the temperature is at a breezy 70 degrees, and the good times are stickin’ around all weekend.

And then, come Monday, it’s time to get down to business. Southern Protocol is taking next week as a “Spring Break”…a deceitful term that would have you thinking we’re off lounging on the sand all day…we wish! We’ll actually be right in the middle of renovating our office – hello, organization and a few facelifts!

So if the blog seems a little slow, or it takes us a few days to get back to you via email or phone call, kindly give us some wiggle room. We’ll get back to you, our fabulous Southern fashionistas, as soon as we can! And when it’s all said and done, you’re all welcome to come over and gossip with a drink or two in our updated abodes.

Also – deepest apologies for the lack of pictures these past few days…a little glitch we’re trying to fix! I’m super bummed because I had the best one for this post: one of those vintage pictures with a woman thinking “I dreamed my whole house was clean!”

Happy Easter!


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Engagement Gift Idea

luggage tags

I stumbled across these luggage tags and thought they were such a cute, creative engagement gift idea! While engagement gifts are not mandatory for every couple or every engagement party, sometimes for a good friend it’s fun to find a cutesy little something. It’s always a treat to give a gift that delights…and it’s useful, too!

Find these at Madison Ave Gifts.


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Fun at Petite Protocol


Last Saturday we held Part II of our Petite Protocol program at The Charleston Museum. It was a huge success! It’s amazing how much these little ones can truly soak up during an hour and a half.

Last Saturday’s focus? Table manners! We covered both American and Continental styles of eating, place settings (no excuses when you ask them to help set the dinner table!), general table manners, finger foods… and of course tested their newly learned knowledge with a snack. A big thanks to The Charleston Museum and all of our polite children for making what we do so fabulous :)

See more pictures below! Interested in signing your child up for a manners lesson? We offer private workshops and polite parties that can be tailored to your desires. Southern Protocol will also have camps at both the Gibbes Museum and Hazel Parker this summer – see our “Behave” page or email for details!



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Women in Business Conference


Tomorrow is the fifth annual Charleston Women in Business Conference at the Charleston Marriott! Southern Protocol couldn’t be happier about teaming up with Little Black Book and celebrating all of the successful women-owned companies and female workers in The Holy City.

We’re particularly excited about what the Southern Protocol-Little Black Book team will have to offer (other than bowls of delicious Valentine’s Day chocolates): women can strike a pose and get their picture taken with Betty, the Little Black Book mascot; sign your name and email address and you’ll receive tips tailored to YOU about how to update and switch up your work wardrobe!

The conference will be held from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm tomorrow, February 12th, at the Marriott on Lockwood. Tickets are $100 for members, $75 for non-members. The day’s schedule includes breakout sessions (with topics like “Winning with People” and “Recharge Your Moxie”), a luncheon, and plenty of time for networking.We can’t wait to see everyone there!


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