Dee Ruel

Infatuated with color, texture and sparkle, Dee Ruel’s designs combine delightful imagination with dramatic simplicity. Although her free spirit has swept her from Maine to Maui, Dee Ruel found a home for herself and her art here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dee Ruel’s bracelets and baubles of the finest stones, sweetest freshwater pearls, and striking metals embody the bohemian flair and classic execution sure to compliment any Belle’s unique vision. Southern Protocol Bridal is proud to carry Dee Reul’s exclusive collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

“I saw this bracelet from across the room and had to have it! I didn’t even know it was the final touch I needed for my wedding dress until I put it on and fell in love.”

Get to know the designer

Who is your favorite leading lady?

Kristin Bell

My favorite cocktail is…

A Spicy Margarita

My dream honeymoon would be…

French Polynesia. For a month!