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A Golden Girl Clothing Line

Now that Betty White has outlasted all of her Golden Girls co-stars, and has had quite possibly the most random comeback of all time, there’s only one obvious thing left to do: a clothing line with Jerry Leigh Apparel, of course!

I am absolutely dying laughing that 88-year-old Betty White has an upcoming clothing line. The best part is, she has SUCH a strong following – from her actual Golden Girls days as well as her new, younger fans – that this line will no doubt be uber-successful. I actually bet it will be more successful than some of the younger actress-turned-designers (you know how I normally feel about that prototype!) that have churned out collections recently…

Set to launch in August, the collection consists mostly of hoodies and t-shirts featuring Betty herself, and range from $28-48. As if having a shirt with Betty’s deceivingly sweet-as-sugar face on the front isn’t enough, part of the proceeds will benefit the Morris Animal Foundation.

How could you possibly resist?!


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