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Leggings Over 50?


We’ve started getting emails from various readers asking all kinds of Southern Fashionista questions. Whether it’s related to fashion, entertaining, etiquette or any topic in between, we’ve decided to start answering all your queries via the blog! Hey, if you have the question other people probably do, too.

First up, a question on many a trend follower’s mind: Are leggings appropriate over age 50?

Answer: It’s complicated.

Let’s break it up into two areas – when they are, and when they are not.

When leggings ARE NOT appropriate (see Beyonce below)
As all of our faithful readers know, we are adamantly against anyone wearing leggings as pants. This includes the over 50 crowd! You should never wear leggings with a short tunic, or with anything that will hit above your derrière. Women over the age of 50 are beautiful – we’re not just saying that, some of the most gorgeous women we know have already hit that mark – but wearing leggings solo is not something that is figure-flattering. Let’s be honest – Demi Moore could probably rock the denim leggings with a tailored blazer, but unless you were blessed with the miraculous genes that give you a taut behind after age 25, just steer clear.

Colored leggings are also a no-go for this age group. Ignore the neon blues and other printed patterns.

When leggings ARE appropriate (see pretty model above)
If you do it right, leggings can look age appropriate. Leggings worn with flats, boots, or even heels and an actual dress on colder days can be chic and comfy. Or pairing them with a longer tunic. Thicker leggings worn to the gym are acceptable… as long as you are comfortable with everything hanging out. To make it look tailored and classic, put a nipped in jacket on top of the longer tunic. Your top just HAS to cover your butt!

Bottom line: pair leggings with timeless pieces to avoid looking like an elementary schooler, or even worse, like someone who is trying too hard to be trendy. There are magazine pages filled with trends that are more flattering and appropriate than leggings. What about detailed cardigans? What about slimming ankle pants? If you don’t feel comfortable in a trend, it will show – and that’s the ultimate impression you’ll leave on people.

Have a question for us at Southern Protocol? Send it in to – we promise we’ll keep it anonymous if need be :)

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