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Dress Like the Material Girl

It’s been the trend for the past few years that once a guy or gal breaks into any aspect of show business, they somehow believe they are perfectly welcome in every other area of entertainment or mass production; most of the time this means that celebrity after celebrity – be it a singer, reality starlet, movie actress, etc – decides he or she is suddenly qualified to launch their own clothing line. Only occasionally does it happen to be a great success, and totally credible (enter Victoria Beckham, former snooty Spice Girl).

The newest celebrity to add clothing designer to their list falls into the “well ooobviously she would have a clothing line, and it is beyond acceptable” category: fashion legend Madonna. just released a few sketches of the upcoming juniors fall line, entitled “Material Girls,” that are¬†due to hit Macy’s August 3. Judging by the fun and flirty sketches, Madonna definitely wants her 1990s original Material Girl style to make a comeback. While that may scare some of you away – and let’s be honest, the target market for this juniors collection probably isn’t all that familiar with Madonna’s iconic 90s style – she has somehow found a way to take the playful parts of her lace, zippers and big bows, and carry them seamlessly into modern trends.

Personally I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk myself into purchasing fingerless lace gloves or checked midriff-baring bustier, but I do love that floral print dress!


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