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Fashionable Art


We here at Southern Protocol are all about promoting the little guy. The local boutiques, businesses…I may love my J.Crew, but I love knowing that I’m keeping another small company in business even more!

So while we obviously focus on the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, I decided that today we shall branch out to other artists across the country; in this case, from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. At a swanky art fair this past weekend my mom stumbled across this fabulous artist from Jackson, Georgia – who conveniently for us has a website in which to purchase her super cute pieces – that creates the coolest fashionable art: multi-material dress paintings! Some that use actual dresses stitched into the canvas! The dresses of choice include baby garments, corsets, vintage dresses…pretty much anything aesthetically pleasing she finds.

The artwork is cutesy and unique, and appropriate for so many places: a girl of any age’s bedroom, a particularly spacious closet, a college dorm or apartment, for a boutique’s dressing rooms…the list is endless. Each painting uses acrylics, stitching and collage patterns, and other unconventional materials (like buttons!); each painting also has a funny title and theme.

Her name is Katherine Allen-Coleman; check out her website for all the deets on how she got started, her motivations, experience, etc. Anyone can get a painting from Pottery Barn…only those of you in the know can get a cool vintage piece.


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