Candy Shop Vintage

Paying homage to the port city’s history, Candy Shop Vintage loops and chains are inspired by Charleston Rice Beads, a tradition stemming from a time when rice was dipped in gold to create decadent beads for special occasions.

Keeping with the classic feel, Candy Shop Vintage added a contemporary twist to their delicate necklaces and bracelets by offering them in an assortment of vibrant colors and various metals. Unique to Charleston, South Carolina, these versatile pieces are a favorite among our modern-day brides, mothers, debutantes and bridesmaids.

Southern Protocol Bridal is proud to carry Candy Shop Vintage’s collection of Charleston Rice Bead necklaces and bracelets to twist, wrap and twirl to ones heart’s content.

“Charleston Rice Bead bracelets made for the perfect bridesmaid gifts! Not only did everyone love them, but now they’ll think of Charleston every time they wear them.”